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World War Three
By Richard Lowry

We are living in turbulent times, but you would never know it walking the streets of America. America has been at war, or should I say that America’s enemies have been at war, since the taking of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. The World has been involved in this slow-motion war since 1979. Yet, the everyday American does not feel the effects of this conflict. We all live in such comfort and security that we do not realize that our “Camelot�is under siege.

In years gone by, when aggressors attacked their enemy, it was quite clear to everyone taking refuge in the castle that a state of war existed. Everyone knew that they were in peril. Today, we are fighting a war halfway around the World. Surely, our economy has been affected, but not enough for the American public to feel the pain of war. For us, the war on terror is a nightly news item and a political football to be kicked around in the nation’s capitol and on news talk shows. Only the families and friends of our casualties feel the pain of this war.

It wasn’t until 9-11 that the American people were shocked into the reality that we were at war. It wasn’t until those majestic buildings came crashing to the ground in a cloud of crumbling debris and broken bodies that we realized that we were vulnerable. We all woke up to the reality that there were people in the world that meant us harm, people who were dedicated to the destruction of our way of life. But, soon we forgot. Soon we let our comfortable lives lull us back into a sense of complacency and false security.

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