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war 2

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George Bush's determination to turn the world into a democracy is anything but democratic. Live and let live is the American way of life. The Muslim world, of which 99.9% are law-abiding, loving people, have only known one way of living for thousands of years. America does not have the right to try to enforce our modern, political way of life on them. They are a religious government. We are not. Our different ideologies will never mesh and terrorism will never cease until we understand this reality and accept it.

Now, we are losing more and more young men and women in an unwinnable war. We are killing tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands according to some sources, of innocent civilians in a country that should be fighting its own civil war.

The United States is now one of the most feared and hated countries in the world. We have lost our credibility, respect, and trust. But, worst of all, we have set the stage for more problems. Since America is spread so thin militarily and cannot help Israel, Hezbollah has attacked Israel and killed and kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Israel retaliated and now we have another war in the region. The Palestinian people elected Hamas as their government. Both organizations refuse to recognize Israel as a country, the main thing Israel demands, and the main reason why Israel is still in the occupied territories. Iran has nuclear capability, and wants to destroy Israel, too. As does Syria.

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