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On The Brink Of A World War
By Bruce Schwartz

Just when you think it can't get any worse, it has gotten worse. Since George W. Bush decided (illegally) to launch a war against a country and its civilians, under the guise of fighting terrorists, the American people have learned one thing: Might makes right. Our children are taught to reason and compromise rather than fight. Now, they are being taught that if you want your way all you have to do is lie, mislead, and fight for it if you must. What a terrible lesson. And how much more violence will it bring to America, where we already lead the world by a hundredfold in murders and violent crimes?

Look what our American government has created. After the horrific bombings of 9/11, America waited and did not retaliate for a year and a half. But then, Bush decided he wanted to rid terrorism from the world. France, Germany, and Russia knew it was impossible. They knew that going into Iraq and Afghanistan was a mistake that would lead to even more terrorism.

The Bush administration is sending thousands of our children to their deaths, even though they know that hate begets more hate, retaliation begets more retaliation. The escalation of our vengeance, of our president's decision to make the world live our way of life, has spread throughout the globe. Chaos and fear and the death of innocents has been the result. As leader of the free world, America should have responded to 9/11 by being diplomatic, not dishonest. Rather than fighting these wars, weakening us financially at home, we would instead have the respect and assistance of our allies if we had led through example.

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