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war 2

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All morning long, rockets shot by
I stood by sandbags, opened-eyed!

At night, at night—the same
I, and my head dodging such things.

Little I thought, I’d die that morning,
For here I am, to write the story.

For out of the mysterious, Vietnam,
Came a blood-red sky for everyone.

Rockets whistled in the bloody sky,
They have tails like hawks, as they fly!

But the worst of all
…is when they land
A ghostly fate, in deadly sand?

#648 [5/12/2005]

Part Seven

Vietnam: The Ballad of Lustful Luke

Ugh! What a shame?
Let me whisper Luke’s lustful game:

He’d make love several

Times a day?

As I swept the dusty steps,
Polished my dirty boots

And cleaned my oily gun?BR>He’d be screwing everyone!!

And that is how we got to know
Each others name (that is so).

And he’d say:
“You want to play??/P>

And I’d answer:
“Got things to do, not today Lue!?/P>

Yes, even when in the mist

Of combat?/P>

He’d dip-down into
His little hut and screw
Screw his many sluts?

“O flee, flee…?I told him many

Times?BR>“Before disease

Warped his mind.

But he never zippered-up

Those olive-green pants,
And thus, his spinal-cord


Unable to stand: he was
Flown to Tokyo, Japan.

Part Eight

Vietnam: The Barbwire

“Their all messed up in the barbwire?BR>(he said); shoot them in the head?/P>

let’s fire!?BR>Oh, what a time to die.

They never made a moan.
Caught in the barbwire fence:

Wet, with sweat to the bone!

Now here we stand, awaiting command

And the VC hasn’t a chance.
And here we swear, smoke and

Crack dirty jokes?BR>As daylight grows awfully dim.

And here we play cards and laugh
While the cursed foe wiggles back,

Back through the barbwire fence;
As we wait for command, and wait

And wait…until they’re gone.

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