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The US congressman that actually did muster up the support for the official questions around the subject, writes that even though his action might come across as conspiracy theory-inspired, this is precisely defining the phenomenon. What’s more, he says, is that this is one of history’s most open conspiracies. “Why else would all the networks be ignoring this story? There is no way all the TV news organizations would ignore this story. Their silence is deafening. Surely they know about it. If this same thing had happened during the Clinton years, everyone would be all over it. Lying about an affair, so your wife doesn't find out, can almost get you impeached. Plotting with another foreign government to overthrow a regime you don't like, by means of "fixing" intelligence and facts around policy, will simply be ignored,?he says.

It might also be likely that the story would have been way bigger, had a US newspaper made the discovery. US government officials have hardly commented either. Earlier this week, White House press secretary Scott McClellan refuted allegations a conspiracy had existed. He insisted the process leading up to the decision to go to war had been "very public" -- and that the decision to invade in March 2003 was taken only after Iraq refused to comply with its "international obligations."

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