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- The same official warned that the Bush Administration had no plan for post-war Iraq, stating that “[t]here was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action.?/P>

Congressman Conyers issued the following statement: “These allegations strike at the heart of our democracy and present the most troubling constitutional questions. Did the Administration lie to the American people about its intentions with respect to Iraq? Did the Administration engineer a confrontation with Saddam Hussein to justify the war? Did the Administration deliberately manipulate intelligence to deceive the American people about the strength of its case for war??“These allegations ?that the Bush Administration had already decided to go to war with Iraq, during a time when it was publicly stating that it had not -- echo allegations by former Bush Administration officials, Paul O’Neill and Richard Clarke. When these officials brought these allegations forward they were slandered by Administration officials as lacking credibility. The source of these allegations ?the British government itself ?cannot be similarly assailed.?/P>

So far, the going’s tough for the people who want to see their anti war arguments validated at long last by official documents many say they had a hunch about anyway. A blogger vervently following the situation in the US media is Robert Rouse who writes under the blog name http://Alittleleftofcentrist.blogspot.com and who reports even though the issue has been picked a little more each day, some mainstream media have yet to even comment on the issue, including CBS, ABC & Fox. “Maybe CBS is still gun shy after Rathergate. Disney still runs ABC, and Fox . . . well, we know Fox would defend Bush if he was caught in a human slaughterhouse wearing a butcher's apron and holding a machete in one hand and the head of Alfredo Garcia (my apologies to the late Sam Peckinpah) in the other? he writes.

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