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Why Do US Media Ignore Secret UK Government Memo On A Mega Iraq War Conspiracy?
By Angelique Van Engelen

The blogosphere has been jumping around the story like crazy but it seems the mainstream media are doing their best to ignore it. Yet it’s been branded the most extensive case of governing-level conspiracy plotting in ages. CNN spent very limited time on it and that’s also a pretty accurate indicator of the attention most other media outlets have devoted to it so far. Even though some 88 members of Congress openly inquired about it and a few other US opionion leaders spoke out against it. But that was it more or less. What was? A recently leaked internal UK government memo dated July 2002, that was so secret extra copies could not be made, not even for internal use.

What was in the document? The memo, obtained by journalists at the Times of London was headed: “SECRET AND STRICTLY PERSONAL - UK EYES ONLY� The text that follows provides conclusive evidence confirming almost all the claims by anti-war protesters. However, it seems that since the official inquiries in the US and the UK are long finalized, officialdom does not really seem all too perturbed by the document’s contents, heavily publicized mainly in the alternative media.

The limited impact of the secret memo on the public debate is certainly deplorable, but it does not make the revelations any less valid. It reveals just how ill informed and how overly stage managed by the US administation the UK government really was before ‘deciding�to go to war against Iraq. The most shocking part is that the UK decision makers were treating the matter of going to war as pretty much a decided fact, even if amongst themselves they were hardly agreed on the matter. Prime Minister Blair in the transcribed discussion even professed he had no clue as to whether a ground war would be legal at all.

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