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America is Terrible; Homeless, Katrina and Iraq War
By Lance Winslow

It is amazing to read the trash that the World Media says about the United States? They often say that America is just terrible. Why? Well part is that they just think it is trendy and news worthy to trash on America. The other tragic part about this is that they are listening to some of our own news.

Now let’s talk about some of these rumors and dispel them, as the media says we miss handled Hurricane Katrina, Homeless and the Iraq War. Some say China is a better nation? You see the Homeless in America are under 500,000 which is one-third of one percent. China has tested bio weapons on Peasants in the South Eastern Provinces. We give food to the homeless we do not kill them.

Katrina was the worst Hurricane or natural disaster in US History. Considering it took 18-hours to pass, before tropical storm force winds moved on, we did well and with I-10 out and the level of damage after the levees broke we did well only the media said we didn't and the Mayor with his chocolate city comments whined.

General Worldly perception is an issue of a World Media hit on the US sponsored by France and Germany, who both had ties to Saddam and monies owed to them and they did not want to take the financial hit, also some well-known politicians were involved in that shady oil for foods deal.

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