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US History Following Both World Wars
By Aaron Schwartz

Speaking about World War I and II, it should be said that both of them had disastrous consequences practically for all nations and countries in the whole world. Naturally, the USA is not an exceptional country, though probably it was not ruined by wars as European countries. But still World Wars produced a significant impact practically on all aspects of a traditional American life, including social, political and economic changes. As a result, specialists began to speak about post-wars period as about a particular eras of social paranoia that made people extremely suspicious to their compatriots and very often they looked for secret enemies within the country even though there was none. Actually, this paper would be focused on the problem of such social paranoia, its causes, development and consequences on the basis of analysis of post-war periods after the World War I and World War II.

Some Common Traits of American Society after World Wars

From the very beginning it is necessary to underline that there are some similarities as well as some differences between periods after the World War I and World War II. But at large they were rather similar in its entity. Post-war period was always characterized by a growing number of restrictions and even limitations of civil rights that should be treated as a reaction of the state or even as a nation at large on the war the country had to come through.

It seems to be quite natural that people did not want any more world wars. Consequently, they attempted to prevent them by any means. However, as it turned to be such attempts were not very successful especially after the World War I.

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