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Will War in the Middle East Eventually Begin the Battle of Armageddon?
By Christine Bettridge

Will history eventually disintegrate into a global holocaust of devastating chaos like many religious people say? Is the present situation in the Middle East that religious folks say are pointing at to give their claims weight? They are insisting that these events have been arranged specifically to forecast the day that Christ will rise up and walk the earth again at judgment. What makes this claim different then what they have asserted repeatedly in the passed?

It all goes back to what the Bible says about Armageddon. Armageddon is mentioned in the New Testament once, and that is in Revelation 16:16. The phrase ''Armageddon'' is often used metaphorically. This is in keeping with fictional stories that focuses on apocalyptic themes of the world ending. However, Revelation 16:16 is covered with allusions concerning the Old Testament. This is because the New Testament is largely rooted in the ideas and descriptions of Hebrew sacred writings.

Yet, writers have rewritten, tailored, and combined thought instead of quoting directly from the Old Testament. Why? It was necessary for writers to do this because they wanted to relate to an environment which would enable them to address themselves as they existed at that time. In taking liberally from the Old Testament imagery they were able to place a New Testament, first century relevance, viewpoint on them.

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