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war 2

  • Both World Wars
    As a result, as it has already been mentioned, the immigration policy was extremely limited, numerous quotas and certain demand to immigrants were introduced. At this respect the case of Sacco and Vanzetti seems to be very helpful in understanding of the processes that took place in American society of that time.

  • America Goes to War
    Twenty-nine lives ended too soon on that clear Sunday in March. Twenty-nine families grieve to this day. These soldiers and Marines died before there was a daily box score in the newspapers of America.

  • World War Three
    What would happen if gasoline rose to $20 per gallon? How many Americans would lose their jobs? How many small businesses would go under? What would happen to our economy?

  • Vietnam War
    EFT. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a ‚Äúrevolutionary new healing aid‚Ä?according to Essex based E.F.T. practitioner,Linda Anderson.Linda goes on to quote EFT founder Gary Craig; ‚Äúthe cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body‚Äôs energy system.‚Ä?br>
  • Battle of Armageddon
    During our day and age Christians for the same thing but it won't be fulfilled in an end time battle of Armageddon but rather a spiritual battle. Encouragement was what Christians needed to remain sound in their faith, even while they were being battered by their fellow human beings.

  • World War 3
    Iran is a serious threat and will result in higher gas prices and probably cause a recession, whether or not it ends in war. We need to find and fund new energy sources, hybrid technology, etc... As Jimmy Carter said back in the 70's

  • Iraq War
    Pitiful and disgusting, and they talk about their long-term strategy? Oh BS, look in 10,000 where their strategy of an iron fist over their population has got them? Passed over by a little nation called the US in only 200 plus years? Huh?

  • Ordnance Man
    I had went to Vietnam at the age of 23 [1971], and it was most interesting, there were 205,000 troops there when I arrived. I was asked recently at a lecture [question and answer] at a University in Peru

  • The Iraq War
    Perhaps there is an eloquent way to make everyone understand we mean business and to realize that we will never quit and that things need to change otherwise we have to change and get tough and if we do, we guarantee they are not going to like it.

  • World War
    There is a brewing war between India and Pakistan where the Muslim population wants control. Before we know it, the Muslim world (1.2 billion strong - 22%) will have enough terrorists in every country to destroy the Jewish people. There are already terrorist cells in every state in the continental U.S.

  • Iraq War Conspiracy
    The US congressman that actually did muster up the support for the official questions around the subject, writes that even though his action might come across as conspiracy theory-inspired, this is precisely defining the phenomenon.

  • George Bush
    I must say that our Prospero has done an excellent job in his efforts to masque our Red Death: gone are the days of TV journalists reporting from bloody battlefields while gunfire and explosions ring from every angle (reports which were in no small part responsible for the mass protests of Vietnam).